SC Protector Agency SRL has a modern equipped dispatcher, served by qualified personnel and performance equipment, installed by SC CUADRIPOL SA, which also provides service for the existing equipment. The dispatcher is equipped with a high-performance computerized monitoring system that allows us to identify the exact point where the alarm was triggered, thus making the intervention extremely operative.

For the best possible communication between the dispatcher and the intervention units / and the monitored objectives, it is equipped with state-of-the-art fixed and mobile reception broadcasting stations as well as a landline and a mobile - emergency numbers to which the dispatcher can be called 24 h out of 24 h. The dispatcher is served by intervention crews made up of professionals trained in accordance with the legislation in force.

At the same time, our company deals with the installation of alarm systems (burglary and fire), video surveillance systems, access control systems and perimeter protection systems. These services are provided by our company in partnership with the companies CUADRIPOL, UTI and LINX, authorized companies in the field of alarm systems.

For the smooth functioning of the contact with the monitored objectives, our company operates within the dispatch center with the latest generation equipment and has a backup dispatch center for special situations.

Car park

SC Protector Agency SRL owns several types of cars and vehicles intended for crew interventions and patrols. The fleet consists of KIA Sportage SUVs, WV Passat, Daewoo Cielo and scooters.

Intervention teams

In order to offer our customers even more safety, we offer them the service of objectively monitored patrolling and viewing. Thus, the objective is periodically visited by the intervention crews that check the objective. The action of patrolling and checking the objective is quantified by verification sticker labels on which the date and time of the objective verification is written.

The intervention of mobile crews in case of receiving alarm signals from connected subscribers is carried out with professional drivers and intervention agents who have equipment designed to ensure the solution of any special situations: weapons, protective helmet, bulletproof vest, rubber baton, tomfa , tear spray, professional flashlights.

The dispatch center is served by intervention crews made up of professionals trained in accordance with the legislation in force. Protector Agency agents are schooled in intensive and ongoing professional training courses and constantly participate in physical training and combat exercises with or without a weapon.

The intervention teams are on the ground 24 hours a day, supporting the security agents in the objectives with human security in case of special situations.

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