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Security services mean: protection of property against unauthorized access or abusive occupation; property protection against theft, destruction, fire, as well as other actions producing material damage; detection of substances, weapons, explosives or materials of any nature that may cause damage; protection of intellectual property; environmental protection; providing the competent authorities with information related to the incidents that occurred during the security activity.

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The Security Department of the Operative Department of S.C. PROTECTOR AGENCY S.R.L. has security guards trained, according to the legislation in force, through professional qualification courses, completed by a professional certificate issued and recognized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Solidarity.

When concluding the contract, the conditions imposed by the client, regarding the physical appearance and dress, are always taken into account.

The security personnel are equipped with uniforms and protective equipment and distinctive insignia, which they wear during the execution of the service. With the consent of the Police, security guards can be equipped with firearms or gas, rubber or tomfa-type batons, tear gas sprays and other means, in relation to the importance of the objectives, goods and values ​​guarded.
To ensure permanent communication between the security agencies, the monitoring dispatcher of S.C. PROTECTOR AGENCY S.R.L. and mobile intervention crews, they are equipped with two-way radio stations and mobile phones, which allow them to quickly communicate with the forces and means competing to solve any special events.

This aspect constitutes an added value to our product, as, usually, security services are not served by emergency crews.

In addition to a fair and fair value-for-money ratio, a guarantee of the services offered and the care towards the client is the existence of a permanent one, which ensures the smooth running of the activity, through checks carried out daily (especially at night) by the bosses of objectives and through the operational situation reporting system from the guard posts, hour by hour, to the company's monitoring dispatch.

Are you interested in our services?

Contact us by phone: 0268 315 129, or by email: office@protectoragency .ro.
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